Proverbs with the word Cry

It is no use crying over spilt milk

It was a great pity that it happened, but there's nothing we can do about it now. Don't bewail the past. What's done cannot be undone.

If you sing before breakfast, you will cry before night

If you start the day in too joyful a mood, the good spirits are unlikely to last the day out. This is the warning of the pessimist.

Don’t cry stinking fish

Here the verb 'to cry' means 'to offer for sale in the street'. Barrow-boys cry fruit: 'Fine ripe strawberries!' Flower-girls cry flowers:... Read more →

Don’t cry before you are hurt

You should not give way to misfortune till it actually happens, since it may not happen. This motherly advice is often given to quarrelling... Read more →