Success Idioms

Get one’s head above water

To get in control of one's situation often financial situation. When I get my head above water I will be able to spend less time working.

Come out ahead

To improve one's situation. Although our new car was expensive, we came out ahead because it is very cheap to operate.

Come on strong

To overwhelm others with a strong personality. The man came on too strong during the job interview.

Come through (something)

To complete a difficult activity successfully, to survive something successfully. Our town came through the big storm with no damage.

Come to the fore

To come into an important place or position, to come to the front. Several members of the class came to the fore and took important positions... Read more →

Come up in the world

To improve one's status or situation in life. I knew that I had come up in the world when I was invited to dinner with the president of our... Read more →

Come along

To make progress, to thrive. The work on our new house is coming along very well.

Come a long way

To make great progress. The manager has come a long way and has learned many things about his new company.

Carry the day

To win or be successful. The sales manager's fine performance carried the day for us.

Carry a lot of weight with (someone or something)

To be very influential with someone or with a group of people. The man's education and experience carry a lot of weight in the university.