Business Idioms

Crunch numbers

To do mathematical calculations. Our boss is in his office crunching numbers for our company.

Cut (someone) a check

To write a check to someone, to have a computer print a check (usually used for checks from a business). We cut the man a check for the work... Read more →

Cut a deal

To make a business arrangement or deal with someone. The company was able to cut a deal with their employees.

Come in high

To charge too much for your services, to ask for a price that is too high. The salesman came in high during the negotiations and could not sell... Read more →

Come in low

To offer a low amount of money for a product or service. The company came in low with an offer for our product.

Corner the market

To dominate a particular market with your product. The large company has cornered the market for cell phones in our city.

Cook the books

To cheat in bookkeeping. To record false information in the accounts of an organization, especially in order to steal money (usually in... Read more →

Carve out a niche

To create a speciality or product or market that nobody else has. The company was able to carve out a niche for their product among university... Read more →

Carry through with (something)

To put a plan into action. The company carried through with its plan to open a new factory.


A system where you pay cash for some goods and then carry or take them away. The supermarkets in our city operate on a cash-and-carry basis.