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The squeaky wheel gets the grease

Squeaky Wheel Ilustration

This is an American proverb used to convey the idea that the most noticeable (or loudest) people are the ones most likely to get attention and resources. Someone else or another issue might be more pressing or in dire need, but the fact is that the noise makes it impossible to ignore the squeaky wheel. The people that complains or protests the loudest attracts attention and service.

It is also used in the variant of “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

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Bad news travels fast

By this we mean that bad news nearly always reaches as more quickly than good news. The old version of the proverb is Ill news comes apace.

A bad penny always comes back

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Call a spade a spade

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Call no man happy till he is dead

This cynical proverb suggests that life is bound to be so bad that no living person can ever be happy.

Care killed a cat

Care is the load on the mind. If it killed a cat, which has nine lives – or so ’tis said – it will kill you, who have only one life. So,... more →

The darkest hour is that before the dawn

Even when things seem at their very worst, they may shortly improve.

Dead men tell no tales

Death silences a man for ever. If he knows something in his lifetime that others do not want made public, he cannot reveal their secret when he is dead, so... more →

The early bird catches the worm

A person who gets up early in the morning has the best chance of success. Good advice to those who get up late in the morning, or miss opportunities by not... more →