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You cannot get water out of a stone

The proverb has the meaning of futility of trying to extract money from a person who either will not pay, or has not the money to pay with. It... Read more →

You cannot get blood out of a stone

Here 'blood' means human feeling and a 'stone' represents a hard-hearted person. The proverb refers to avarice; a man can be so full of greed... Read more →

You cannot get a quart into a pint pot

This incontestable fact is used figuratively in such contexts as: 'Look, dear,' said Mr Davidson while his wife was packing for their summer... Read more →

You cannot catch old birds with chaff

Experienced people are not to be deceived; they are too shrewd. Chaff is the outer covering of the grain and worthless as food.

You cannot burn the candle at both ends

Dr Brewer explains this as follows: 'You cannot do two opposite things at one and the same time; you cannot exhaust your energies in one... Read more →