Proverbs starting with letter W

The wish is father to the thought

We soon believe what we want to believe. In World War II we called it 'wishful thinking', which is defined in The shorter Oxford English... Read more →

Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes; fools by their own

It is better to keep out of trouble by not repeating the foolish behaviour of others than it is to do as they did and suffer in the same way.

Win at first and lose at last

This is a saying among card-players. Those who win in the early stages of the game usually finish up as losers.

Why keep the dog and bark yourself?

Householders keep dogs to guard their homes by barking when they hear suspicious sounds outside. Figuratively, 'to keep a dog and bark yourself'... Read more →

Who repairs not his gutters repairs his whole house

This teaches the folly of false economy and the effect of small things on greater ones. By not spending the small amount needed to repair the... Read more →

Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl

This means that if you mix with evil companions you will soon be as wicked as they are.

Who is worse shod than shoemaker’s wife?

The shoemaker is so anxious to make every penny he can out of his trade that he even denies his wife a new pair of shoes. Some other husbands... Read more →

Who chatters to you will chatter of you

Whoever tells you tales about other people will tell other people tales about you.

While there is life there is hope

The outlook may be grim and the future dark, yet while we still have life within us there is always the possibility that he situation will... Read more →

Whether the pitcher strikes the stone, or the stone the pitcher, it is bad for the pitcher

Whichever side starts the fight, the weaker side will get the worst of it.