Proverbs starting with letter S

Stolen pleasures are sweetest

This means the same as Forbidden fruit is sweetest. The things we most enjoy doing are those we know we ought not to be doing, such as watching... Read more →

A stitch in time saves nine

By repairing a small tear now we avoid the necessity of repairing a large tear later on. In the same way, prompt action at an early stage may... Read more →

The sting of a reproach is the truth of it

We can endure unjust reproaches, for we know that we do not deserve them. It is only when they are justified that they fill us with shame.

Still waters run deep

'Shallow brooks murmur most, deep silent slide away,' wrote Sir Philip Sidney. The fact that a man says little does not mean that he does not... Read more →

A still tongue makes a wise head

You will learn more by listening to other people than by talking yourself.

Sticks the stones and may break my bones, but words will never hurt me

However much one person insults another, he causes him no physical injury at all. Only when words lead to blows are bones liable to be... Read more →

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

However willing we may be to do a thing, our physical condition may prevent us from doing it. The source is Matthew, xxvi, 41. Here is the... Read more →

Speech is silver, silence is golden

Gold is more precious than silver, and there are times when it is better to be silent than to speak.

Speak well of the dead

Speak well of them, for they cannot speak for themselves. 'Death softens all resentments', wrote John Greenleaf Whittier, the American poet,... Read more →

Speak the truth and shame the devil

Speak the truth boldly in defiance of strong temptation to tell lies.