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Proverbs starting with letter L

Life is sweet

This is to be found in Lavengro by George Borrow: 'Life is sweet, brother.' 'Do you think so?' 'Think so! - There's night and day, brother,... Read more →

Life is short and time is swift

Enjoy life while you can, for you will not live for ever. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Life is not all beer and skittles

Life is not all fun and games. We have our pleasant time, but we have our serious ones too. As Trilby says in the book by George Du Maurier that... Read more →

Liars should have good memories

If we always tell the truth we are unlikely to contradict ourselves; but if we resort to lies we are liable, when asked a question for a second... Read more →

A liar is not believed when he tells the truth

He is the mischievous young shepherd who roused the village a number of times by crying 'Wolf!' when there was no wolf. The time arrived when a... Read more →

Let the world wag

Let it wag, let it slide, let it go, let it slip, let it sink, let it pass. The last word varies, but the meaning is always the same : 'Let the... Read more →

Let the cobbler stick to his last

A cobbler is one who makes his living by repairing boots and shoes. The term is also used for that superior craftsman, a shoemaker, who uses a... Read more →

Let the buyer beware

Before he parts with his cash a purchaser should satisfy himself that whatever he is buying is in good condition and worth the money he is... Read more →

Let sleeping dogs lie

Don't do anything that will stir up unnecessary trouble. 'The woman next door always has clothes hanging put on the line. It looks awful. I've... Read more →

Let not your wits go wool-gathering

Don't allow your mind to wander. Think what you are doing. Literally, to go wool-gathering is to go hither and thither collecting fragments of... Read more →