Proverbs starting with letter L

The longest way round is the nearest way home

Shorts cuts can involve one in difficulties. It is better to follow the correct procedure in anything than to try to save time by scamping the... Read more →

The longest day must have an end

However long and wearisome the day may seem, it must inevitably be followed by night and come to an end. In the same way, all tedious tasks are... Read more →

Live not to eat, but eat to live

This rather puritanical proverb warns us that eating should not be the main purpose of life. We should, on the contrary, eat just enough to lead... Read more →

Live and let live

Other people have as much right to live as we have, and all of us have failings, so to remain on friendly terms with our neighbours we should... Read more →

Live and learn

Experience is a good teacher. The longer we live, the more we learn. The saying is often used in a half-humorous way, as if with a shrug of the... Read more →

Little things please little minds

People of limited intelligence are interested only in unimportant things. As Ovid wrote: 'Frivolous minds are won by trifles.'

Little strokes fell great oaks

This proverb teaches patience and perseverance. Given enough time and determination to succeed, one could cut down even the largest of trees... Read more →

Little pitchers have long ears

Sometimes 'wide' is used instead of 'long'. A Little pitchers have long ears is an earthenware jug with two ears instead of a handle. They are... Read more →

A little learning is a dangerous thing

People with a little knowledge are often unaware of their ignorance and are consequently easily misled. The quotation is from Pope's Essay on... Read more →

A little help is worth a deal of pity

This is similar to Actions speak louder than words. It is better to help persons who are in trouble than to say how sorry you are for them. For... Read more →