Proverbs starting with letter C

Catch your bear before you sell its skin

This is another way of saying Never spend your money before you have it.The proverb means act prudently and don't be over-optimistic.

Catch not at the shadow and lose the substance

This warns us against wasting time on trivial aspects of a matter, because in doing so we may neglect the essential matter itself.

Catch as catch can

Get all you can by whatever means you have at your disposal. A youth who makes a living by begging and running errands can be said to lead a... Read more →

A cat may look at a king

A cat may look at a King And surely I many look at an ugly thing. This is one of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes. It means 'If a cat may look at... Read more →

A cat has nine lives

This is another way of saying that a cat is much more likely to escape death then are most animals. It is too wily and agile to be taken by... Read more →

Cast not the first stone

Before condemning anyone who has done wrong, ask yourself whether your own conduct has been blameless. The proverb derives from the story told... Read more →

Cast ne’er a clout till May is out

Early spring in Britain often turns warm for a few days. But if you start leaving off clothes you will run a risk, as it may become very cold... Read more →

Care killed a cat

Care is the load on the mind. If it killed a cat, which has nine lives - or so 'tis said - it will kill you, who have only one life. So, don't... Read more →

Call no man happy till he is dead

This cynical proverb suggests that life is bound to be so bad that no living person can ever be happy.

Call a spade a spade

Speaking plainly and to the point, saying exactly what you mean and using the simplest terms. In Arnold Bennet's novel, The Card, published  in... Read more →