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Proverbs starting with letter B

Better be a fool than a knave

Of the two evils foolishness is the lesser, since it is usually considered something you are born with, whilst knavery is something a person... Read more →

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow

This means the same as A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

The best of friends must part

This is on the same theme as All good things come to an end. The words can be found in the chorus of There is a Tavern in the Town: Fare thee... Read more →

The best is often the enemy of the good

This suggests that in striving to reach perfection we often spoil what would have been good enough. It is thus opposite in advice to If a thing... Read more →

The best fish swim near the bottom

The best fish swim near the bottom and they are therefore the most difficult to catch. Nothing is really worth having if it can be got without... Read more →

Beggars must not be choosers

A person who is hungry and has no money to buy food should not complain when he is offered bread and cheese instead of roast lamp and new... Read more →

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

'Beauty,'  the dictionary tells us, 'is a combination of qualities, as shape, proportion, colour, in human face of form, or in other objects,... Read more →

Beauty is but skin deep

We cannot judge by looks alone. Physical beauty may hide and ugly nature.

The beaten road is the safest

Don't take unnecessary risks. Profit from the experience of others. The proverb can be better understood if the 'beaten road' would read 'beaten... Read more →

Be just before you are generous

You have no right to be generous till you have first met the demands of justness. You should not, for example, start giving presents to your... Read more →