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Famous Idioms

Cross one`s mind

To think of something, to occur to someone. It crossed my mind that I will see my friend in the evening, so I do not need to phone him.

Cue (someone) in or cue in (someone)

1. To give someone a cue, to indicate to someone that the time has come. Now, cue the orchestra director in. All right, cue in the... Read more →

Curl up and die

1. To die. No, it wasn't an illness. He just curled up and died. 2.... Read more →

Cut across

To cross or go through something instead of going around it. We decided to cut across the field because we were in a hurry to get to school.

Curiosity killed the cat

Being too nosy or curious may get a person into trouble. You should not worry about what your friend is doing. Remember, curiosity killed the... Read more →

Cut off (something) or cut (something) off

To shorten something by cutting the ends. The string was too long so I cut off the end.

Come full circle

To be completely opposite from one`s starting point. The university has come full circle with its policy on new students.

Come from nowhere

To come as a surprise and with no warning. The truck came from nowhere as we were driving along the road.

Come from far and wide

To come from many different places. The people came from far and wide to hear the new band.

Cool off

To let one's anger become less strong. The teacher sent the children into the corner to cool off.