Hold up

1. (lit.) To lift something.

If you have a question, hold your hand up..

2. To support or to carry something.

The main beams hold up the total weight of the building.

3. To rob someone with a gun or knife.

The criminal held up three people before he was caught.

4. To stop or delay someone or something.

The accident held up traffic for more than four hours.

5. To prove to be true.

The woman’s story held up during the questioning by the police.

6. To remain good, to not worsen.

Sales during the first quarter of the year are holding up pretty well.

7. (as an example of) To point to someone or something as a good example.

The teacher held up Tom as an example of a hard-working student.

8. (one’s spirits) To maintain one’s courage or spirits.

Mary’s spirits are holding up well even though she is going through a difficult time.