A black hen lays a white egg

The proverb “A black hen lays a white egg” is an old saying that has been used since the 16th century to convey the idea that something which appears to be impossible or unlikely can actually happen. This proverb is thought to have originated in England, and is often used to refer to unlikely events or occurrences that defy expectations.

The proverb is meant to remind people that anything is possible, no matter how unlikely it may seem. It suggests that even something that appears impossible or unlikely can be achieved with enough effort and perseverance. 

The proverb can also be used to refer to people who have achieved something that others thought was impossible, such as a medical breakthrough or a technological innovation.

“That’s impossible, it’ll never happen!” proclaimed Mike.

“Remember the proverb, ‘A black hen lays a white egg’. Anything is possible, so don’t give up hope yet,” consoled Rita.

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