A bird may be known by its song

The proverb “A bird may be known by its song” is a common saying which suggests that a person’s character and personality can be known by the way they express themselves. This proverb is thought to have originated in the 16th century and is attributed to the French philosopher Montaigne.

The proverb pertains to the idea that a person’s true intentions and nature can be discerned from their words and deeds. It suggests that people should be mindful of how they act and speak, as their behavior can be used to determine the kind of person they are.

The proverb can also be applied to broader circumstances. For example, it can be used to imply that different cultures, nations, or regions can be identified by their unique traditions and customs.

“Why do you think people are so different,” asked Tom.
“A bird may be known by its song. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways, and that’s what makes us unique,” replied Monique.