Proverbs starting with letter H

Hitch your wagon to star

Have high ideals. Make it your aim to rise above wordy things. We owe this proverb to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher. Here is a condensed version of what he wrote: Everything good in... Read more →

History repeats itself

What has happened once is liable to happen again. The phrase derives from the works Thucydides the greek historian. 'I shall be content,' he wrote 'if those shall pronounce my History useful who... Read more →

The highest branch is not the safest roost

This is the penalty of greatness. When a man is at the top of his profession he is said to be 'at the top of the tree'. In consequence he has farther to fall than those below him, all of whom are... Read more →

Hide not your light under a bushel

Don’t be too modest to set others a good example. Here a bushel is a measure, a container for corn, ect. The source of the proverb is Matthew, v, 15. During the sermon on the mount Jesus said to... Read more →

Hew not too high lest the chips fall in thine eye

Don’t be too ambitious. Realise your own limitations. Like the man who tries to use an axe above his head instead of at a level low enough for him to use it effectively, if you try to live above... Read more →

Help a lame dog over a stile

Give assistance to anyone in difficulties or distress.

A hedge between keeps friendship green

We remain better friends if we do not see too much of one another. Our neighbour does not live in our house and we do not live in his. Hedge or fence between our properties are not just physical... Read more →

A heavy purse makes a light heart

We can afford to be cheerful when we have no money troubles. The reserve, of course, is A light purse makes a heavy heart.

Heaven helps those who help themselves

Another version of God helps those who help themselves.

Health is better than wealth

It is better to be healthy than rich, since ill-health makes a person unhappy, even though he is rich. This is a consolation to the poor, who can very likely achieve good health as easily as the rich... Read more →